Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace

When you create a working environment in which drug and alcohol use are discouraged, you are encouraging employees to enjoy better health and safety. And your business, in turn, attracts and retains higher quality employees, enjoys improved productivity, and possibly even secures better rates for worker’s compensation insurance.


We’ve Got This. You’ve Got This. A drug free workplace isn’t just something to talk about. In fact, it’s one of the primary ways you can help your business thrive.

Safer Workplace

Judgment and reaction time slow down with drug and alcohol use, which can place your employees, your clients, and even bystanders at risk. A drug free workplace means fewer accidents, less conflict, and greater safety overall.

Improved Productivity

Studies have found a correlation between decreased productivity and the use of alcohol and drugs. Drug or alcohol use can lead to employees showing up late to work, experiencing poor health that leads to sick days, and having trouble concentrating or completing tasks at work.

Higher-Quality Employees

A drug-free workplace program starts with the hiring process. Drug testing allows you to screen out potential problem employees who will not contribute to your program or your business before you bring them on board. This allows you to hire an overall higher quality of employee who is not concerned about passing a drug test.

Insurance Incentives

Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for your employees if they are hurt or become ill on the job. In many states, a drug free workplace program can gain you benefits in the form of insurance incentives to lower the cost or increase the benefits provided by your workers’ compensation insurance.

Creating a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

I know a drug free workplace policy is important, but do I have to implement one?
The answer is it depends. Companies implement drug-free workplace policies for many reasons, including, you are:

  • DOT-mandated;
  • Required to because you have a federal grant or contract;
  • Required by a state law or state agency regulations;
  • Required to by the state to receive a discount on workers compensation insurance;
  • Engaged in a contract with a company you do business with and they demand it; and
  • Required by your workers compensation insurance company.

The written policy is the foundation of a drug-free workplace program. It clearly identifies the expectations and consequences of violating the policy.

Alia partners with companies to help them develop written policies that are implementable—and leads to a healthier, mor productive workplace.

Contact us to help you create a policy that meets federal and state law requirements, or to help you update a policy.

Drug Testing

When you partner with Alia you can expect the highest level of protocol. Our technicians go through a rigorous training process and are audited regularly to ensure the integrity of the process. Your candidates and employees will know exactly what happens to the specimen from the time he/she provides it to the time we package it.

Our strict chain of custody creates security for the donor–and confidence for you. With us, you know what happens from beginning to end. Alia has partnered with the largest toxicology companies in the world to offer a completely automated testing solution.

Here’s how we help your business thrive:

Paperless Efficiency
We can take you paperless with an electronic chain of custody (eCCF®). This feature eliminates the expense and delays typically associated with incomplete paper forms and the faxing/mailing of paper chains.

Hiring Speed
Our instrumented rapid drug screening technology gives you negative test results within 15 minutes of test completion. You’ll be able to hire job applicants quickly—before your competition can.

Compliance & Control
eScreen’s web-based software ensures state and federal compliance, allowing you to easily manage and access regulated and nonregulated testing.

Wide Coverage
Alia’s network of eCCF®-enabled service providers offers employers a wide range of availability of collection sites, performing over 3 million collections annually.

Onsite Drug Testing

When you choose Alia to develop and manage your mobile drug testing program, you’ll get more than just someone to administer your drug tests. You’ll get someone who partners with you to tailor a program to your specific needs. We will help to eliminate the time, paperwork and manpower requirements. You will be assigned a dedicated test technician, who abides by the Alia Way, a gold standard collection process that ensures accuracy and consistency every time.

You already know that drug abuse can have a dramatic and detrimental effect on your business. Let us minimize your risk by customizing a program to help prevent drug abuse in your organization and also satisfy insurance requirements.

After Hours
If your company runs a late or overnight shift, it makes sense to have Alia come out to your place of business to conduct drug testing. Most clinics are not open outside of normal business hours. That’s why our mobile service was designed: to accommodate companies that function around the clock.

Post-Accident / Immediate Dispatch
If one of your staff is involved in an accident on the job or on the road, or if you suspect the use of drugs or alcohol at the workplace, it is critical that you get a qualified technician out to the scene quickly. Our mobile drug testing staff can be deployed for DOT or non-DOT drug and alcohol testing.

On-Site Drug Testing for Groups
When testing large groups, it is often more cost-effective to have one of our collectors come to you for on-site drug testing, rather than sending a group of employees to our clinic. This can save you time and money, since you don’t have to pay the labor costs associated with having your staff travel and/or wait for their test.

Mobile Drug Testing

If you need drug testing at the scene, our dispatch can be there, post-accident or for reasonable suspicion. Our mobile drug testing is available throughout the Chicagoland area.

Because we are a smaller firm with drug and alcohol testing as our sole focus, we are able to customize our service to your needs. We don’t have cumbersome processes. We can come to you.

Whatever the crisis, wherever it happens, whenever you need us, we always show up. But not just to emergencies. We provide pre-scheduled on-site testing for individuals or groups or schedule after-hours testing if your business functions around the clock. We also come to athletic events, competitions or job fairs.

Alia Drug Testing