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For many companies drug testing is a rote procedure. Not for us. At Alia, we obsess over accurate, thorough and efficient testing. We call it the Alia Way, born out of our founders’ desire to make drug testing as positive an experience as possible.

Much of that depends on our expertise, our attention to every detail, and our drive for perfection. We understand how important these tests are for our clients.


We’ve Got This. You’ve Got This. Alia is a nationwide provider of drug and alcohol testing for employers and individuals. Our comprehensive solutions include immediate drug testing with electronic scheduling and results reporting, workplace policy development, employee background screening, and onsite testing.


We provide drug testing solutions for individuals and employers in Chicagoland and nationwide. Quick, secure and confidential results delivered straight to your inbox.


Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest standard in drug and alcohol testing in both procedure and relationships.


Alia’s vision is simply to become the market leader in drug and alcohol collections while providing supreme standard of quality and customer satisfaction.


Our promise is the Alia Way: the highest testing standards in the industry with a concierge service that helps you meet compliance and manage risk within your organization.


Whether your testing is mandatory or voluntary, whether you are a safety manager, small business owner, or person being tested, we zealously protect your privacy and ensure total transparency and complete security. We are painstakingly careful to follow protocol, and make sure you know exactly what happens from the beginning to the end of the process.


Though necessary for managing risk and meeting protocol, it’s often an uncomfortable procedure. While we have exacting standards, we do our best to make the process quick, hassle free and convenient. We are small, highly responsive, and there when you need us.

Alia Makes The Difference

We are your trusted partner to help you meet your drug testing needs – for you and your organization.



See why companies and individuals trust Alia for quick, secure and confidential drug testing.

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FAQ for Employers

FAQ for Employers

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Employers. Learn about Drug Testing for companies and organizations.

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FAQ for Individuals

FAQ for Individuals

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Individuals. Learn about Drug Testing for individuals.

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Alia Drug Testing

About Drug Testing

There are a number of different bodily specimens that can be chemically tested to detect evidence of recent drug use.

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Alia Drug Testing