PeTH Blood Alcohol Test

Test # :  257
PEth Alcohol Tests have a 3 week detection window and looks for alcohol biomarkers that stay in the bloodstream for up to three weeks. PEth testing can detect chronic alcohol use or heavy binge drinking.

$249.00 / Per Individual Receiving This Test

PeTH BLOOD ALCOHOL TEST – PEth is born in our red blood cells where it lives as part of the cell membrane. A PEth test in blood gives a 2-3 week history of alcohol abuse. PEth blood alcohol testing checks the level of Phosphatidylethanol in the blood. When alcohol (ethanol) is consumed, the body creates this metabolite. Even after the alcohol leaves the body, PEth stays in the person’s bloodstream. WHY DO I NEED THIS TEST? Individuals that request this type of testing may be in a program that requires them to have this test. It is sometimes used by the court system for persons who may have had a DUI in the past. Employers that have a Zero Tolerance alcohol usage policy may be interested in this test, as well as employers that have substance abuse programs in place that require participants to be sober.


  • Negative results typically take 1-3 business days, non-negatives 3-7 business days.*
  • The detection time for drugs vary but most drugs in urine can be detected for up to three days after use.
  • Many factors affect the detection period including metabolism, how much of the drug is taken and how often it is taken.
  • * These are estimated times that we typically see on a regular basis. Result turnaround times are not guaranteed.


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